New Website

December 4, 2008

Obviously this blog is old and now outdated. The Olympics are over and I’m no longer in China – that’s the bad news. The good news is there’s a new website in town and I’m the sheriff. It’s all about Asian boxing thus it’s titled, Asian Boxing News. You can catch up on Asian boxing if you simply go to:

Enjoy it!


5 AM

October 2, 2008

It’s 5 AM and I’ve been up for an hour already. Why, I don’t know…

In my opinion, boxing in Asia has gone down the toilet in the past year, and it’s only getting worse. Thus, I’ve been pushing to change from being strictly a photojournalist specializing in boxing to a photographer who in addition to photographing and occasionally covering fights, photographs a variety of other subjects. Not only am I sick of the lying thieves involved in boxing, I’m also tired of the majority of people in boxing always wanting something for nothing. In other words, a high percentage of people want something for nothing. “Can I use some of your photos for my website?” or “We’d love to publish your work but at this time we’re unable to pay. But we promise to give you exposure.”

I’ve got news for these people; I don’t give away my work for free – we all gotta eat after all – and I’ve got a family to think about, and I don’t need exposure, I’ve already got plenty of exposure. What I need more of is money.

Making it in Asia as a boxing photojournalist is possible if you are okay with living as a pauper. I am not.

Anyhow, hopefully in the next few days I’ll get on with a photo agency. This shouldn’t be a problem however getting on with a good agency is slightly more difficult.


September 29, 2008

So I’m in…in the gallery that is…

Last week the art gallery informed me they want to show my Olympic photos. The show begins October 27th and ends November 21st. Once I have more information I’ll post it here and send out invitations.

Until Later…

Crossing My Fingers

September 20, 2008

Several weeks after returning from Beijing, I came up with the idea of selling my photos from the Olympics to an art gallery here in Thailand. There are many, many talented photographers – slowly but surely I’m getting there – but finding a way or a place to sell them to or through is often more difficult than taking the photos. Anyhow, after an afternoon of running around town looking for galleries only to find them closed, I finally came across two respected galleries that were alive and kicking.

After calling Chulalongkorn University, I wasn’t sure whether or not anything would come from the call. A few days later though and to my surprise, they called me back and asked a few questions to better gauge whether or not I was capable of providing photos for a show. Apparently I was. I tried calling them a few days later to get a status report but I had forgotten the person’s name I was dealing with and no one seemed to know anything about any show. The next day though, I got a call from the person I originally spoke with, and after a few calls back and forth, we set up a meeting.

So far what I know is that one other photographer will take part in the show, a Thai photographer I worked with in Beijing. I was only credentialed in boxing, he was credentialed to go to any event. He’s only one person though and you can only be in one place at a time so it worked out well. I was at the Opening Ceremony, he was not. I took photos of non-Thai fighters as well as the Thai fighters, he only took photos of Thai fighters. We’ve got a meeting this coming Thursday and hopefully we’ll have enough photos, large enough photos, and of course, hopefully they’ll feel some of the photos are high enough quality to warrant a show.

If you’d like to see some of the photos that might be in the show, you can view them at:

Let me know what you think…

Until later…

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Three Weeks After

September 17, 2008

Three weeks after the Games ended, I’m still at it. The boxing scene is near dead here in Thailand and so far, the best fight coming up is Montiel vs. Gorres – in Macau. Frankly, I think this time around Montiel is going to knock out Gorres. Montiel is an intelligent fighter with a punch and he’ll have Gorres figured out this time around. I just can’t see Gorres beating him. Montiel TKO 10.

As I said, I’m still working on my Olympic photos. Also, I have articles coming out in the Phuket Gazette, Boxing Digest, and also Boxing News.

I’ve been in contact with several art galleries here in Bangkok, trying to get them to exhibit some of my Olympic photos. Chulalongkarn University expressed an interest in them, and this weekend I will probably speak with them about. I’m also going to try and get the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center to show them.

Some photos are online and for sale….you can find them at: and

The Imagekind site gives you the option of buying framed, matted prints and the quality is excellent.

In the next month I have an article coming out about the boxing scene in Thailand and just how bad it’s become and why Thai fighters almost never win when they fight abroad. Also, perhaps some people know I’ve been working on a book about the greatest boxers from Thailand. I’ve been working at a snail’s pace. Anyhow, I’m hoping to get this finished by the end of the first quarter of 2009. By the end of 2009 I also plan to finish a book about Khaosai Galaxy.

It’s 1:00 AM here in Thailand and I’m exhausted. Until later…

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Blogging Again

September 15, 2008

It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from the Olympics. Originally I thought my biggest problem at the Olympics would be money, or rather, the lack of money. In actuality, my biggest problem was time, or the lack of it. I simply didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted, or even needed to do.

Each day, there was approximately 10 hours of boxing. Add to this travel time, eating, checking emails, writing, going through photos, and it made for some long days. Three times I worked throughout the night, choosing to work instead of sleep.  This is what I wanted, and this is what I like. With any luck, and a little hard work, this is what I’ll do with the remainder of my life…write, shoot photos, and travel around the world. As my two sons grow older, perhaps they’ll begin to accompany me.

Anyhow, I’m still not finished with the photos from the Olympics as I still need to do some organizing. There is one art gallery interested in the photos, and if I don’t hear from them by the end of the week, I’ll try another gallery. Both are well known galleries here in Bangkok, and an exhibition would boost my profile considerably.

Until later…

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The Olympics and the Chris John Fiasco

July 30, 2008

The Olympics are a little more than a week away. I leave for Beijing August 6th and return August 27th. It’s doubtful I’ll have a whole lot of time to dedicate to this blog but I will be updating my Olympic blog – I’m really looking forward to the trip to China, and to covering the Olympics. It’s the biggest event I’ve ever covered and as one experienced photographer stated, “Shooting the games is like shooting three Super Bowls every day fifteen days.” I’m sure it’s going to be alot of work, but like I said, I’m looking forward to it. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the boxing unfolds; who wins, who loses, who becomes a star.


In all my trips to Indonesia to cover boxing, I’ve come to learn that anytime there’s a world title fight in the country, there’s bound to be problems. Namely, the problem of promoters not paying when and how much they’re contractually obligated to pay. This is boxing but…

Apparently the WBA has stripped Chris John of his title. I find this extremely hard to believe. I’m waiting for official confirmation of this.

What makes it so hard to believe is that the promoter apparently did not meet the financial obligation, Jackson Asiku was not in Indonesia for the weigh-in because of this, and there was never a weigh-in because all monies were not paid. More to come as the entire story unfolds.

Until later…

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